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About me

I'm a marine biologist whose research explores the patterns of life in the deep ocean that covers most of our planet. As a "bathynaut", I went on the first minisub dive to the world's deepest hydrothermal vents (hot springs 5 km / 3.1 miles down on the ocean floor) and the first minisub dives to reach 1 km (0.62 miles) deep in the Antarctic.

I'm also a science communicator (e.g. contributor to BBC Blue Planet II) and "popular science" writer (e.g. author of Ask An Ocean Explorer; former staffer at New Scientist), an educator (e.g. Professor at the University of Southampton), and co-founder of a company that provides training in communication and media skills for scientists to share their work more widely.

(The Guardian's link-shortener no longer works,
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"Mission Antarctica: The Scientist"
(Alucia Productions / OceanX for BBC Earth #OurBluePlanet)