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Sharing my research

I work with TV, radio, and online documentary-makers to share the exploration of the deep ocean with people worldwide, and routinely interact with news media to raise awareness of deep-sea issues and my team's discoveries.

I often talk about exploring the deep ocean at public events and festivals, and I've enjoyed advising deep-sea eco-thrillers and sci-fi series for TV and audio. I'm a recipient of the Royal Society of Biology's Science Communication Award for Established Researchers, and the British Science Association's Charles Lyell Award Lecture for Environmental Sciences.

Media work


Interview for independent comment, Hakai magazine, 05 Oct 2022

Live interview, Newsday, BBC World News, 15 Aug 2022
(also used by BBC News Channel, BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 5 Live, & BBC local radio)

Panelist, The Infinite Monkey Cage, BBC Radio 4, 2 July 2022

Do we really know more about the Moon than the deep ocean?

Why do we explore life in the deep ocean?

Science Advisor for The Swarm, in production for 2023 by Intaglio Films for ZDF, France Télévisions, Rai, Nordic Entertainment, Hulu Japan


Profile interview, Hindustan Times, 01 Aug 2021

Interview, Which? Investigates podcast, "How green is an electric car?", 18 Jun 2021

Contributor, Beyond Blue in-game "Insights" videos
(2020/21; on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Apple Arcade)


BBC Science Focus 3-part podcast series, Nov 2020:
Everything you wanted to know about... the deep sea with Dr Jon Copley

Guest, Science Shambles webcast, 25 Oct 2020

Guest, The Underwater Technology Podcast, 13 Aug 2020

Live interview, Breakfast Show, BBC Radio Solent, 24 Jul 2020

Interview, Le Temps, 23 Jul 2020

'Ces questions sont désormais le moteur de l’exploration sous-marine. Nous devons comprendre comment fonctionnent ces écosystèmes et comment ils réagissent, afin de mieux gérer l’activité humaine dans le futur.'

('These questions are now the lifeblood of underwater exploration. We need to understand how these ecosystems work, and how they react, to manage human activity better in the future.')

Contributor, BBC News, 20 Jun 2020

Guest & advisor for "Oceans Week" of Let's Go Live! YouTube home-schooling series by Maddie Moate & Greg Foot, May 2020

Live interview, Breakfast Show, BBC Radio Solent, 27 Apr 2020

Guest, Royal Museums Greenwich Ships, Sea and the Stars webcast, 16 Apr 2020

Live studio guest, Breakfast Show, BBC Radio Solent, 5 Feb 2020

Guest, Guardian Science Weekly podcast, 31 Jan 2020

Profile interview, Brainwaves, BBC Radio Scotland, 22 Jan 2020


Narrator, Deepest dive in Antarctica reveals a seafloor teeming with life, OceanX & BBC Earth online short,
>15 million views and winner of 2019 Webby Award for Social - Education & Discovery

Live studio guest, Alun Newman & Lou Hannan, BBC Radio Solent, 14 Oct 2019

Guest expert, Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier, Series 2 Episode 10, UKTV Dave, 04 Sep 2019

Contributor, Inside Science, BBC Radio 4, 01 Aug 2019

Interview by Geoff Marsh during fieldwork in Iceland

Contributor, Naturebang, BBC Radio 4:
Episode 3: The Portuguese Man O'War and the Individual, 19 Jun 2019

Interview, The Guardian, 20 May 2019

Live interview (remote studio), BBC News channel, 13 May 2019

Interview, Drivetime, BBC Radio Solent, 13 May 2019
Interview, BBC Lincolnshire, 13 May 2019
Interview, BBC Hereford & Worcester, 13 May 2019
Interview, BBC Radio Jersey, 13 May 2019
Interview, BBC Radio Scotland, 13 May 2019
Interview, BBC Newcastle, 13 May 2019
Interview, BBC Cumbria, 13 May 2019

Interview, New Scientist, 09 Mar 2019, p 16

Profile interview, Daily Express, 11 Mar 2019, p 23

Live studio interview, Saturday Live, BBC Radio 4, 16 Feb 2019

Panelist, The Infinite Monkey Cage, BBC Radio 4, 07 Jan 2019


Academic consultant for Oceans: Our Blue Planet (2018), 3D IMAX documentary produced by BBC & OceanX

Interview, Overnights with Paul Ross, talkRADIO, 24 Sep 2018

Interview, iNews, 17 Sep 2018

'What matters are the reasons that you use the map rather than the mapping itself,' says Copley. 'Yes, maps will help deep-sea mining, but the maps will also help us create marine protection zones.'

'By 2030 we will have a map with a certain level of detail,' adds Copley, 'but we won’t have any idea of what lives down there or how things change over the seasons. Having a map is the start of the exploration - it really doesn’t have an end.'

Live studio discussion (Skype), Sky News, 29 Aug 2018

Profile interview, New Scientist, 11 Aug 2018, p 34-35

Studio guest, The Science Hour, BBC World Service, 21 Jul 2018
Studio guest, The Science Hour, BBC World Service, 05 May 2018
Studio guest, The Science Hour, BBC World Service, 17 Mar 2018

Contributor, Costing The Earth, BBC Radio 4, 01 May 2018

Minisub dive into Antarctic deep sea

The Daily Star, 09 Mar 2018

"Oo! Ah!" - The Daily Star

Onscreen contributor, BBC Four From Ice to Fire: The Incredible Science of Temperature,
Episode 2: A Temperature for Life, 22 Feb 2018

Sequence filmed in my lab in Southampton


BBC Natural History Unit Blue Planet II (2017):
academic consultant (Episode 2: The Deep) &
onscreen contributor (Episode 7: Our Blue Planet)

Filming on location in Antarctica with BBC Natural History Unit

Contributor, Blue Planet II: The Podcast (7-part series), BBC iPlayer Radio, Oct-Dec 2017
(ft "Copley's Catch Of The Day", talking about the science of one animal each week)

Some highlight clips from episodes, produced and edited by Becky Knight and Emily Ripley:

"What Blue Planet II is about" (prequel)

Sex-changing fish (episode 1)

Desperate dating in the deep (episode 2)

Cuttlefish wonders (episode 3)

Meet the holothurians (episode 5)

Ins and outs of tides (episode 6)

Sustainable seafood (episode 7)

Top of the Pods, Nov 2017 :)

Live interview (OB), BBC Earth Unplugged, Blue Planet II World Premiere: Blue Carpet Live, 27 Sep 2017

Onscreen contributor, BBC Earth #OurBluePlanet online shorts (2017)

BBC Earth #OurBluePlanet

Contributor, The Compass: Ocean Stories (4-part series), BBC World Service
Episode 1: The Atlantic, 26 Nov 2017
Episode 2: The Indian Ocean, 03 Dec 2017
Episode 3: The Arctic and Southern Oceans, 10 Dec 2017
Episode 4: The Pacific Ocean, 17 Dec 2017

Radio Choice, The Times, 6 Dec 2017:

Narrating in minisub at 400 metres deep

The scaly-foot snail and deep-sea mining

Onscreen contributor, Strange Evidence, Discovery SCI in US (2017):
Series 1, Episode 06: Monster of the Deep
Series 1, Episode 08: Lake of the Dead
Series 1, Episode 09: Ghost in the Abyss

Experiment for 'Strange Evidence' comparing effects of deep-sea pressure on jelly and polystyrene

Interview, Radio France Internationale, 16 Dec 2017
Live Q & A, BBC Radio 5 Live Your Call, 11 Dec 2017

Live interview, BBC Wales, 11 Dec 2017
Live interview, BBC Wales, 07 Nov 2017
Live interview, Drivetime, BBC Berkshire, 06 Nov 2017
Interview, BBC News, 04 Dec 2017
Interview, New Scientist podcast, 30 Nov 2017
Live studio guest, Sasha Twining show, BBC Radio Solent, 30 Nov 2017
Live interview, BBC Solent, 07 Nov 2017
Live interview, BBC Radio 5 Live Breakfast, 07 Nov 2017
Live interview, Drivetime, BBC Berkshire, 23 Oct 2017
Interview, BuzzFeed News, 21 Aug 2017
Studio guest, The Science Hour, BBC World Service, 19 Aug 2017

Interview, The Anthill podcast from The Conversation UK, 26 Jul 2017
Interview, The Naked Scientists, BBC Radio 5 live, 23 Jul 2017
Interview, New Scientist, 03 Jun 2017, p 9
BBC Earth, 13 Apr 2017
Panelist, The Infinite Monkey Cage, BBC Radio 4, 06 Feb 2017

Astronomers vs marine biologists: who has the biggest numbers?

How do deep-diving subs withstand the pressure of the abyss?

Why bother exploring life in the oceans?

Earlier media work

Science Advisor for The Light of September (2016):

Interview, BBC News, 19 Dec 2016
Daily Express, 19 Dec 2016
Evening Standard, 19 Dec 2016
Daily Mail online, 16 Dec 2016
Live Science, 16 Dec 2016
Daily Mirror, 15 Dec 2016
Interview, BBC News, 14 Dec 2016

'Hydrothermal vents form a network of marine life in the deep, and so far we've only glimpsed one node of the network in the south-west Indian Ocean,' said Dr Jon Copley, who led the research.

'Our results show that we need to explore this network much further, if we're going to understand the possible impacts of any future mining at hydrothermal vents in this region.'

Interview (pre-rec), Ten O'Clock News, BBC One, 6 May 2016
Interview (pre-rec Skype), ITV News At Ten, 6 May 2016

Interview from my lab via Skype, with a deep-sea backdrop

Scientific consultant for BBC Natural History Unit Atlantic: The Wildest Ocean On Earth:
- episode 2: Mountains of the Deep, 6 Aug 2015

Interview, Southern Daily Echo, 25 Apr 2015
Daily Mail online, 03 Mar 2015:

You know that women and female crabs aren't the same, right?

Study co-author Dr Jon Copley said: 'Deep-sea vents are island-like habitats on the seafloor, and discoveries like these show that our exploration of the life that thrives around them has only just begun.'

Narrator, Hydrothermal vents: what does the future hold? by Fereday Films (2014),
Emerging Film-maker finalist in the Blue Ocean Film Festival Awards

Profile interview, People Behind the Science podcast, 29 Aug 2014
Interview, The Story, US National Public Radio, 14 Aug 2013
Interview, BBC News, 23 Jul 2014
Contributor, Into The Abyss, BBC Radio 4, 23 Jul 2014
Interview, BBC News, 12 May 2014
Interview, Science In Action, BBC World Service, 01 May 2014
Interview, The Guardian, 30 Apr 2014
Interview (pre-rec), Sky News, 15 Apr 2014
Live interview, Newsday, BBC World Service, 11 Apr 2014
Live interview, BBC Radio Scotland, 10 Apr 2014
Live interview, Today programme, BBC Radio 4, 10 Apr 2014

Live interview, Drivetime, BBC Radio Solent, 7 Nov 2013
Interview, BBC News, 29 Jun 2013
Onscreen contributor, BBC World Treasures of the Deep, 28 Jun 2013

Filmed aboard RRS James Cook at sea (2013)

Live interview, World At One, BBC Radio 4, 29 May 2013

Contributor, Discovery, BBC World Service, 20 May 2013
Interview, BBC News, 18 May 2013
Live interview, Morning Reports, BBC Radio 5 Live, 24 Mar 2014
Live studio discussion, Channel 4 News, 22 Mar 2013

...and that's how you give a live interview, when you're also a media skills trainer ;)

Daily Mail online, 19 Mar 2013:

'At the moment, the only way to find a "whale-fall" is to navigate right over one with an underwater vehicle,' says co-author Dr Jon Copley at University of Southampton.

Interview, Southern Daily Echo, 18 Mar 2013
Daily Express, 21 Feb 2013:

Answer: no, we haven't

'The beauty of working in the deep oceans is that you're always stumbling over things that are completely new,' he said.

Interview, BBC News, 21 Feb 2013
Interview (pre-rec), BBC One Breakfast, One O'Clock News, Six O'Clock News, Ten O'Clock News, & BBC World bulletins, 21 Feb 2013 (from RRS James Cook at sea)

BBC news interview on the deck of RRS James Cook at sea (2013)

Interview, Today programme, BBC Radio 4, 21 Feb 2013

Onscreen contributor, National Geographic TV Alien Deep (2012), Episode 3: It's Alive

Filmed aboard RRS James Cook at sea (2010)

Interview (pre-rec), Channel 4 News, 26 Mar 2012
Live interview, Drivetime, BBC Radio Solent, 26 Mar 2012
Interview, The Takeaway, US Public Radio, 26 Mar 2012
Interview, Newshour, BBC World Service, 26 Mar 2012
Live interview, BBC Radio 5 Live Breakfast, 20 Mar 2012
Interview, Future Tense, ABC, Australia, 26 Feb 2012
Interview, BBC Radio Three Counties, 23 Feb 2012
Live interview, BBC Radio Wales, 23 Feb 2012
Interview, The Naked Scientists, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, 16 Jan 2012
Interview, Voice of America news, 13 Jan 2012
Daily Mail online, 12 Jan 2012:

Guess what - it doesn't...

Dr Copley said: 'Studying the creatures at these vents, and comparing them with species at other vents around the world will help us to understand how animals disperse and evolve in the deep ocean.'

Interview, Southern Daily Echo, 10 Jan 2012, p 4
Interview, MSNBC.com, 10 Jan 2012:

'It was a very emotional moment on board - and honestly, there were some tears. It was an overwhelming moment of marvel at our world,' said marine biologist Jon Copley, with the University of Southampton in England.

Interview, BBC News, 10 Jan 2012
Interview, New Scientist online, 10 Jan 2012
Interview, National Geographic News, 04 Jan 2012:

'It harbors some of the lushest abundance of life I have ever seen in the deep ocean,' he said.

Interview, The Washington Post, 03 Jan 2012
Interview, Southern Daily Echo, 29 Dec 2011, p 3
Interview, The Times, 29 Dec 2011, p 17
Interview, The Guardian, 29 Dec 2011, p 18:

'We're fishing in deeper and deeper waters, oil and gas is moving into deeper waters and now there's mining starting to take place in deep waters. We need to understand how species disperse and evolve in the deep oceans if we're going to make responsible decisions about managing their resources.'

Live interview (Skype), BBC News Channel, 28 Dec 2011
Live interview, Up All Night, BBC Radio 5 Live, 28 Dec 2011
Interview, The World Tonight, BBC Radio 4, 28 Dec 2011

News interview about Indian Ocean deep-sea discoveries

Interview (pre-rec), Six O'Clock News, BBC One, 28 Dec 2011

Live interview, Drive, BBC Radio 5 Live, 28 Dec 2011
Live interview, Drivetime, BBC Radio Solent, 28 Dec 2011
Interview, World Update, BBC World Service, 28 Dec 2011
Live interview, BBC Radio Wales, 28 Dec 2011
Live interview, BBC Radio Scotland, 28 Dec 2011
Interview, BBC Radio Somerset, 28 Dec 2011
Interview, BBC News, 28 Dec 2011
Interview, National Geographic News, 26 Oct 2011
National Geographic News, 08 Aug 2011
Interview, New Scientist online, 05 Jul 2011
Interview, New Scientist, 02 Jul 2011, p 8
Onscreen contributor, Country Tracks, BBC One, 8 Aug 2010
Live interview (remote studio), Channel 4 News, 3 Aug 2010

Science Advisor for The Deep, BBC One, Aug 2010:

"Memo to Wardrobe: this is what deep-sea biologists wear" :)

Interview, Radio New Zealand, 24 May 2010
Contributor, Costing The Earth, BBC Radio 4, 14 Apr 2010

Interview, CNN.com, 13 Apr 2010
Interview, Associated Press, 13 Apr 2010
Interview, National Geographic News, 12 Apr 2010
Interview, New Scientist online, 11 Apr 2010
Interview, Metro, 12 Apr 2010, p 15:

Interview, The Times, 11 Apr 2010, p 19
Daily Mail Online, 11 Apr 2010
Interview, Today programme, BBC Radio 4, 16 Oct 2009

Interview, The Daily Telegraph, 8 Oct 2009
Interview, The Times, 7 Oct 2009, p 4
Live interview, Analysis, BBC World Service, 20 Jul 2009
Interview, Daily Telegraph, 12 May 2009
Contributor, Oceans: What Lies Beneath? BBC Radio 4, Mar 2009
Interview, New Scientist, 06 Dec 2008, p 6
Live interview, BBC West Midlands, 20 Aug 2008
Interview, BBC Caribbean, 13 Aug 2008
Daily Mail online, 12 Aug 2008
Interview Metro, 12 Aug 2008, p 3:

'It's a very safe bet that we'll find new species of animal life. I don't know if we're going to find any alien civilisations though,' he said.
Metro, 12 Aug 2008, p 3

Interview, Southern Daily Echo, 11 Aug 2008, p 3
Interview, BBC Radio Solent, 11 Aug 2008
Interview, BBC News, 09 Aug 2008
Interview (pre-rec), BBC News Channel, 29 Jul 2008
Interview, New Scientist, 01 Dec 2007, p 6
Studio guest, The Paul O'Grady Show, Channel 4, 28 Sep 2007

"Joining us on the sofa is Bathynomus giganteus, a deep-sea crustacean"

Live interview (OB), BBC News 24, 10 Sep 2007

Ready with a prop for live OB interview

Interview, Southern Daily Echo, 20 Oct 2007
Interview, Independent on Sunday, 16 Sep 2007
Interview, The Daily Telegraph, 10 Sep 2007
Interview, The Guardian, 10 Sep 2007
Interview, The Times, 10 Sep 2007
Interview, The Independent, 10 Sep 2007
Interview, BBC News, 10 Sep 2007
Interview, Newshour, BBC World Service, 02 Aug 2007
Interview, BBC News, 12 Jul 2007
Studio guest, The Material World, BBC Radio 4, 27 Apr 2006

Onscreen contributor, Under Laboratory Conditions, BBC Four, 11 Jan 2006

Marine biology on a golf course

Onscreen contributor, Unstoppable Wave, BBC One, 21 Dec 2005
& America's Tsunami, Discovery US, 18 Dec 2005

Filmed during SEATOS expedition (2005)

Interview, New Scientist, 20 Aug 2005, p 6
Live studio guest, review of the papers, Nick Girdler, BBC Radio Solent, 15 Jul 2005
Interview, The Science Show, ABC, Australia, 6 Nov 2004
Interview, Deutschlandfunk, 14 Oct 2004
Interview, Nature News online, 06 Aug 2004
Interview, BBC Radio Solent, 11 Dec 2003
Interview, Nature, 29 May 2003, vol 423 p 469
Interview (pre-rec), Einstein TV, 22 Feb 2002
Interview, BBC Radio Solent, 22 Jan 2002
Interview (pre-rec), Einstein TV, 22 Dec 2001
Interview, BBC Three Counties Radio, 31 Aug 2001
Interview (pre-rec), Sky Futurefile, 13 Mar 2001
Interview (pre-rec), BBC News 24, 21 Jan 2001
Interview, BBC Radio Solent, 18 Jan 2001
Studio guest, Livewire, Carlton Digital, Nov 1999

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